Cat Poke


Agitate all of the cats in the house


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Cat Poke is a mix of an aventure and platformer in which you will have to control your character and tick off all of the cats in the house. Why? Because it's raining outside and there's nothing else better to do at home.

The game's objective is to bother Molly's parents' nine cats. You'll need to run around and pick up all of the objects that are lying around the house. Climb to the top of the stairs for more height, place a can of food to lure one of the cats, or even carry a flashlight to move around in the dark.

The game has truly captivating 16 bit visuals. The cats as well as Molly and her mother are perfectly constructed pixel by pixel. Also, the animations are well-designed.

Cat Poke is a very amusing game that, unfortunately, is quite short. It's possible that you'll finish the whole game in no more than a half an hour. Nevertheless, give it a shot.
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